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Recommended under 6,5 meter cranes (15-40 kNm)

200TC is the lightest tree shear on the market that is equipped

with collector and its cutting is for 20cm trees 



200TC collector makes tree clearing efficient

(Farmikko old model type E200-150-HT)


The 200TC multifunction tree shear is equipped collector / accumulation unit and it makes smaller trees harvesting about twice efficiency. Even this model is equipped collector it can delimb, cut and load easily, thanks to its agile and versatile movements.  This 200TC model is like made for harvesting energy wood, clean up field sides and roadside areas and different kind of environment works. Even bigger area is cleared quickly.

 Smaller trees is possible take so many than cutting capacity gives up. Just cut first one and open and after that take next one and next one etc. After the cutting capacity is full, just put the whole bush to the loading area or fall down direct to the trailer.

Even this 200TC model is equipped with collector delimbing is possible anyhow. Before cutting, a standing tree can be delimbed by lifting with crane. Delimbing  blades cut branches off. After delimbing jaws take tight hold of the trunk and the hydraulic cutting blades cut the tree neatly and efficiently. After cutting top of the tree stay still vertical position if wanted and it is easy move to the loading area or fell tree direct to the trailer.

Base machines: small harvesters, small forwarders, example Alstor, Kinetic, Usewood, Logbullet, etc, forest trailers with under 6,5m crane and small excavators 1,5 - 3t.


Weight: 150 kg

Cutting diameter: 200 mm 200 bar. (hard wood like oak, beech etc. about 25% less)

Pressure booster: No

Recommended oil flow: 20-50 l/min

Recommended working pressure:170 – 200 bar (Max. 210 bar)

Collector / Multi-tree handling: Yes

Recommended under 6,5 meter cranes (15-40 kNm)

Connecting has to be free hanging with rotator


No need to extra hydraulic or electric

No hoses or electrical wires to restrict grapple rotator

Easy and fast connecting

Cutting, loading, delimbing the tree

Collector boosts productivity 

Guillotine and tilt-unit is possible to lock in loading position

Also works as a loading grapple

Made with Hardox steel

Watch the 200TC tree shear presentation video

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